Stuplex 003 – 23 Enigma Vortex Sutra – Book & CD


In 2011 poet and playwright Jeff Young was commissioned to write a piece of work for Almanac’s Radical City, that piece became the now legendary 23 Enigma Vortex Sutra. The 003 edition of Stuplex is the first ever publication of this piece of work.

This version includes the CD of the live performance recorded at the Liverpool Everyman on 23 October 2014.

Limited to 115 copies.

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Stuplex 003 – 23 Enigma Vortex Sutra

On November 23rd 1976, Ken Campbell is walking down Mathew Street, a hobgoblin mix of Max Wall and Lear on the Heath, striding amidst a pandemonium of mongrels and fleas, pockets full of chicken bones and piano keys for teeth.

Pages torn from the play Illuminatus blowing from his hands, around his skull the mad birds of genius flutter, in a whirl of wild words from other worlds and other lands he staggers and he skips down the Liverpool gutter.

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